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This site is pure parody and protected by the first amendment - for as long as we have it - beware the "Patriot" Act - stand up for our rights!

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What a sad, sick joke! While Dub'ya was AWOL almost the entire last two years of his safe and sound National Guard "service", young men and women were fighting and dying in Vietnam, while G.W. Partied On! Amazingly, unlike many Americans, he paid no price for committing this grave offense! Hell, he didn't even complete his training - what a patriot!

These pages contain images that better represent the life of George W. Bush than this cruel "toy" joke, created of whole cloth to do to history what evil regimes have always done - paint the picture THEY want remembered, not the TRUTH!

So enjoy this site as the parody it is intended to be, in the name of free speech, and remember, freedom isn't free, with Dub'ya and company in charge, it will be harder and harder to find.

Now available - read all about it!
George W. Bush's RESUME - includes links supporting the statements!

If you'd like to use any of the images on this site, we'll be happy to send them to you intact - just send an email!