Most Popular Casino Games – Top 5 Games Discussed!

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The Most Popular Casino Games Around

For adrenaline, big wins that build up your balance and barrels of fun, casino games take some beating! They have been around for years, and continue to grow in popularity around the world. Now we look at the most popular casino games and why they are so loved.

There’s excitement to be had wherever you play these awesome titles, and we also give you a couple of pointers what to look out for. Should you use online experience, you will not look back. Casino games have been around for hundreds of years and there’s a reason why – they’re so fun!

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Whether you like card games for strategy, slots for themes or roulette for risk, there’s something for everyone. The entertainment never stops because the game never stops. Thanks to the advance in technology, you can play 24/7 365 days a year from the comfort of your home. Don’t forget, there’s many easy ways to pay even from your phone – check out more at

With that in mind, we have a little run down of the favourite games out there and where you can find them.

Most Popular Casino Games Blackjack and Baccarat

These games need no introduction because they’re popular around the world. Blackjack in its own right needs some airtime because it’s one of the most popular casino games. This is a fun and requires very little skill. After beating the dealer, the money is yours! Just do it without overstepping the 21 mark!

You can keep going with card after card until you end the game victorious. Now there’s an even more interactive version, using live dealer casinos to make your mark.

Alternatively, watch as the dealer places your two cards face up, while his or hers only have one on show. You have to make a snap decision and go with your gut instincts. Fortune favours the brave in this game, but you can hit split or stand as the game proceeds.

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With Baccarat, there’s slightly more you have to know to win the hand. Again it’s a card game, but with a twist. Known before as Punto Banco or Chemin de Fer, it’s now known simply as Baccarat (zero in French). What you have to do is get to nine, which is the best you can get.

You do this by picking either the tie bet, banker or player hand. Read the terms and conditions on your chosen website for further specific information as the rules change depending on the casino. You can also get tie bets too, with the house edge just 1.36% for players’ hands and only 1.17% for the bankers’ hands. Once you bet on 2 or even three cards, you have to try and get to nine.

Next Up On the List – Roulette

Another game allegedly designed by the French, roulette is very popular online and in real life casinos. This is a game of chance, that requires nearly complete luck.

While the United States version has 38 numbers, traditionally the European version formed in France starts with 37. In the U.S they use the green double zero as the 38th number, for added risk and excitement. What you do is place your bet on either numbers, odds or evens, colours for less risk and columns.

Once you do this, somebody spins the wheel and you pray to see where the ball ends up. Should it land on your chosen number, you’re a winner and the game continues into the night!

Slots Supreme

The final game on the list is the fantastic and classic game of slots. This may be one of the most popular casino games, because of two factors. The first is that it’s very easy to play.  You need to spin the wheel, which is set on 3 or 5 reels, then match the symbols. Should they match, jackpot!

Most Popular Casino Games 2020

And secondly, people love this because it’s so effective and fast on mobile, compared to card games. Fantastic new themes based on movies or musicians make each title different from the next, while flawless design from software giants like Netent will take your breath away.