No Wagering Online Slots – Play with Low Wagering Requirements!

No Wagering Online Slots – Play with Low Wagering Requirements!

January 7, 2020 Off By Guadalupe

More Websites Offering No Wagering Online Slots

Feel like seeking a new thrill with betting, but the demands of the casino put you off? Have no fear, because some now offer no wagering online slots for your enjoyment.

It’s the dream for many players, being able to continue playing without the necessity for wagering requirements. A great incentive that any customer would love, casinos have found sneaky ways around it in the past. Typically they only provided they required it in the small print.

NO Wagering Slots

A frustration for many gambling fanatics, they instead turned to another title, casino or turned off altogether. However now your dreams have come true. In 2020, it looks like more casinos will provide what we all want! A select few offer no wagering online slots, instead of a bonus and with no deposit.

It’s the first sign of hitting the jackpot, because it means you can bet what you like. Free wagering spins are also the word of the day, so look around online to find the best offers.

A New Dawn for No Wagering Online Slots

Who doesn’t love a good bonus? If you’re a new customer to that particular casino you crave, it can massively help to start you off. You can do free bets, spins or even no deposits depending on what they offer as a sign up bonus. However, in the past the hurdling block has been the requirements of a no wager.

Having to put down a minimum spend can irk many, and why wouldn’t it? After all, you should be able to spend what you like. Some websites even went as crafty by including it in the fine print, only on the website terms of use. Nevertheless, this may be changing soon. While not all websites can honour this, more are looking at how they can implement no wagering successfully.

No Wagering Online Slots Bonus

In 2017, it looked like changing as some casinos brought in this wonderful change. Fast forward to today and it has stalled a little, but it just needs a collective response from the majority. No wagering online slots would make a massive difference to the online experience.

If you are annoyed with the wagering requirements but still want the best in promotions, shop around to find the perfect fit. Look on a number of casino websites, reviews online and customer feedback to find the best fit.

During the Bad Times

Between 2017 and 2018, a few rules and changes affected the way we bet. With these legislations in place, it made implementing positive change for casinos difficult. For instance, the gambling community had to by law include up front what bonuses were being provided to customers. Therefore, the possibility of wagering requirements increased.

Another change was in the free spins you’re able to receive. Because any winnings from these resulted in large wagering requirements thereafter, customers obviously felt aggrieved with the change. In addition, a cap was created on top from your bonus achievements.

Sidestepping the need to call it free by replacing it with words like added spins instead would frustrate many players wishing to get more for their efforts. After years of experience we suggest, they’ve been around a while now and have get their bits together!

Good Times Ahead

Despite those changes, slots still goes from strength to strength. Customers love the simplicity of it on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It’s a simple game, lots of fun and changing all the time with new themes and features.

The addition of no wagering slots online in some quarters will do wonders for returning the favour to fans who love the game. With added bonuses and promotions available for customers old and new, there’s plenty of incentives to keep playing slots. When you factor in some websites adding this benefit, no wagering requirements would be a welcome change.